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My name is Chris Mostyn, a single mom of an amazing 18 year old young man named Ryan. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I also have two other amazing men in my life, perhaps slightly older than 18, but because of them, I am here today. Those two men are Dr. Robert Witkowski and Dr. Phillip Bushnick.

Back in October of 2009, I went to my annual gyno exam. Little did I know that this day was the start of my new journey in life. After hearing the words, Chris you have breast cancer my initial reaction was you've got to be kidding me! I couldn't believe cancer was once again at my doorstep. It was only a year ago to the day, that I lost a dear friend to breast cancer. She had succumbed quickly, losing her fight within 24 months of her diagnosis. My friends and I were awakened to the need for early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. We committed ourselves to the 2009 Avon Breast Cancer Walk and tirelessly raised almost $15,000.00. We completed the 39 mile, 2 day walk feeling like we made a difference.

It was difficult to understand that only 4 months later it would be me that would benefit from early detection and diagnosis. I have never been mad that God picked me to get cancer, for I know he chose me for a reason. The day before my surgery, I was at work trying to stay focused on my job at Brook Furniture Rental, Inc., although many thoughts raced through my mind. Suddenly I saw myself in front of a group of women speaking about breast cancer. Even though my surgery was less than 24 hours away, at that moment, a peace had come over me. I didn't know how I would be able to help others, but I saw this as a sign to be taken very seriously.

The first day in the hospital, my friend brought me a pair of pajamas so I would not have to wear a hospital gown. I asked the nurse if she would help me get them on. The transformation was instant! I felt like a new woman! Everyone that came to visit me commented on my pajamas and how great I looked. Not to mention how comfortable I felt in my silky, leopard print PJ's .. maybe even a little sexy. The more I thought about how good a simple pair of pajamas made me feel, both in the hospital and at home, the more I realized how I could make other women feel a little better by sharing my story and giving them a pair of pajamas while they're in the hospital or at home recovering.

Healing Pajamas is now my new mission in life. I have delivered pajamas to women at Good Shepherd Hospital, St. Alexian Brother Hospital, University of Chicago Hospital and in their homes. I have been receiving donations to purchase more pajamas by telling my story to others. What is even more incredible is that these women have called me to thank me and let me know how wonderful their pajamas are and the support I have given to them and their families. If you know someone recently diagnosed with breast cancer surgery, please let me know, I would love to bring them a pair of Healing Pajamas. Contact me at



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